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About Us

Stitch Fabrics

My name is Jenni Rosenberg and I am the third generation fabric merchant of M Rosenberg & Son. We are a small family business that grew from the East End markets and became what is now a vibrant and bustling store in Wanstead, one STITCH at a time. 

M Rosenberg & Son, creators of Stitch Fabrics, is an inspiring home of creative and designer fabrics at an excellent quality and price. Our aim is to create a community of crafters and dressmakers through our unparalleled selection of fabrics and workshops available to all levels of creative interest. Stitch is lucky enough to be home to this 1800s building full of character and history as it stands long and tall with a creative world waiting to be discovered inside.

Before Wanstead was home to Stitch Fabrics, market stalls were the place to be. Over 60 years ago my Grandparents Freda and Maurice Rosenberg worked hard together in the East End markets selling dress fabric. My father joined the company business, and I was lucky enough to learn the trade hands-on along with my brother just over 5 years ago.

Freda passed away in March 2011 and Maurice passed away on the 26th November 2013 at the ripe old age of 99. My Grandparents left us with a great legacy to be proud of and to continue to work hard encouraging dressmaking, patchwork and any form of creative craft.