Have you heard about our CUT&WEAR phenomenon that is taking over the shop?!

CUT&WEAR is a brand new fabric that is dressmaking without sewing! All you need is a pair of scissors and 3- 4 minutes.


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AIM: To make a warm comfortable poncho

STEP 1: Open your fabric and lay it out flat on a large table

STEP 2: Cut around the outside of the oval shape with a sharp pair of scissors

STEP 3: You are now left with an oval shape with two identical circles in the middle of your oval- Cut these out

TIP: There is a thin mesh fabric as a cutting guid to follow!


One size fits all
This fabric garment will not fray
No need for sewing
Will take you 3- 4 minutes to create
Perfect for gifts
Inspires people to get creative
And most of all looks great and will keep you warm!!
To purchase online type in the number of fabric panels (garments) you would like to purchase! (1 = 1 poncho)

I hope you fall in love with your CUT&WEAR as much as I have. Keep and eye on the website as more colours are coming!!

Video demonstrations are on my Facebook Page.

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