Im sure you all know the main man himself, The Son in M Rosenberg & Son, my Dad Geoff. You would have either met him back in the day with his family growing up in the markets, at busy exhibitions, our monthly fabric sales or at the warehouse. Selling and advising you all about quality, creative and designer dressmaking fabrics for most of his life has been his pleasure and honour and thanking you for all the loyal customers who keep coming back garment after garment.

Meet the newest member of the team Sam.

Sam is a mini Geoff in the making and We are so lucky to have him. Hard working and full of fabric knowledge He can help you create beautiful mix and match garments for all your special occasions. Sam travels with Geoff up and down the country selling our quality dress fabrics learning the trade week in and week out.

And this is the smallest member of the team, Mason.

He is the perfect little helper and will find any colourful fabric you need.

The warehouse is still closed during this time, however if you would like to visit the warehouse please email us to make your appointment. If you would rather keep your distance at the moment do go to the website. The website it ever growing and if you would like a sneak peek of our newest fabrics as they appear online first please subscribe to the mailing list.

Love Jenni

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