Italian Wool & Rayon Knitted Open Weave

£18.00 per metre

New Look Coat 6585

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Italian Wool & Rayon Knitted Open Weave, 60″ wide (150cm). This a light weight, soft cloth. The true colour tones of this fabric is actually purple/mauve and grey. The pictures do not do this beautiful cloth justice- you just have to trust us when We say it’s a truly stunning, good quality cloth. Perfect for cardigans, wraps, ponchos, oversized relaxed jackets and more. Very easy to sew and will not fray. I would recommend to dry clean this fabric, however if you cut yourself two identical square samples, put one in the washing machine on a cool 30 degree wash and once dry, measure the two squares side by side to see if there has been any shrinkage in the cloth.


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