The Warehouse FAB17 is taking shape… finally. It feels like forever since we started our warehouse adventure to welcome you into our fabric world. New floor, new lights, new shelves, new cutting table, new windows, new kitchen, new toilets and a new workshop space will be ready to you all very very soon. I am counting down the days when all the workman are gone, there isn’t a tool in sight and not one speck of dust left. The warehouse will soon be filled with fabrics, colour, pattern, mannequins, garments, inspiration, plants & flowers, workshops and hopefully all of you!! My Brother Andrew has been absolutly amazing during the warehouse build and has been an extra pair of hands that we would be lost without. A big thank you to Andrew for doing the impossible and practically building and decorating the warehouse himself. We are a family business and cannot wait till you all see our very own fabric world.

I must apologise for the lack of fabric on the website at the moment. Lots of our fabric is in storage due to the move into the warehouse. Once We are all moved in and settled my main aim is to get that website up and running with clear pictures of how the fabric moves and drapes also followed by an exact description of the cloth. Keep an eye out on the Sale section too.

Please see below an update of what the warehouse FAB17 looks like today!!!

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