I jumped out of bed this morning knowing that a very big delivery of lovely gorgeous winter weight fabrics will be waiting for me at the shop door on this fresh Monday morning. More boiled wool, more CUT&WEAR and lots more point roma jersey with beautiful colour tones and prints. Delivers are still coming to Stitch Fabrics of Wanstead as the warehouse is still a working process!!

Hopefully not for long…. the heating needs to be installed, a good spring clean and then we will be ready to start moving our fabrics into place. Fingers crossed this will take place  this week. Here are a few more pictures of our new and improved world of fabric!!

img_6437 img_6435 img_6434 img_6433


The Warehouse FAB17 is taking shape… finally. It feels like forever since we started our warehouse adventure to welcome you into our fabric world. New floor, new lights, new shelves, new cutting table, new windows, new kitchen, new toilets and a new workshop space will be ready to you all very very soon. I am counting down the days when all the workman are gone, there isn’t a tool in sight and not one speck of dust left. The warehouse will soon be filled with fabrics, colour, pattern, mannequins, garments, inspiration, plants & flowers, workshops and hopefully all of you!! My Brother Andrew has been absolutly amazing during the warehouse build and has been an extra pair of hands that we would be lost without. A big thank you to Andrew for doing the impossible and practically building and decorating the warehouse himself. We are a family business and cannot wait till you all see our very own fabric world.

I must apologise for the lack of fabric on the website at the moment. Lots of our fabric is in storage due to the move into the warehouse. Once We are all moved in and settled my main aim is to get that website up and running with clear pictures of how the fabric moves and drapes also followed by an exact description of the cloth. Keep an eye out on the Sale section too.

Please see below an update of what the warehouse FAB17 looks like today!!!

img_6350-2 img_6351-2 img_6354-2 img_6363-2 img_6355-2 img_6357-2 img_6358-2 img_6360-2 img_6352-2

FAB17 is taking shape and I cannot wait to show you all where we are now. We have come along way and I can see the finish line in the distance!!! We are leaving our beautiful quintessential Edwardian building in Wanstead that has been home to Stitch Fabrics for almost 5 years and we are re locating into a big 1940s art deco warehouse. The move has been inspired by all you dressmakers and everyone creative. We want you to enjoy your fabric shopping experience as much as your dressmaking – and a big space for you to be inspired for all your ideas, choices, and creative design is perfect for you to take your time and lose yourself in our entire range of unique fabrics.

fullsizerender-279 fullsizerender-280 fullsizerender-281 img_5785-2 img_5791-3

For those of you who have no yet heard I AM SUPER EXCITED to in the very very near future introduce you all to FAB17. We are transferring our warehouse (which I have named FAB17 for reasons which will make sense hopefully soon) into a showroom, shop, studio, workspace, and home full of hundreds and hundreds of quality fabrics. New floor, new piped shelving, new toilets, new doors, new kitchen, new workshop space and lots of never before seen fabrics.

We are moving from Wanstead High Street (which we just adore) to not far at all to South Woodford. We are moving to Raven Road which is just off Charlie Browns Roundabout. When we are all moved in I will give you our full address, a map, and lots of different transport options for you all.

The move from the shop to the warehouse has always been a project that was going to take place- it was just finding the right time for us to take on this monster of a project. We are two-ish weeks into the building work and I have successfully managed to lay a tile down in the new bathroom (I will be showing you all my handy work when you come to the warehouse). The move is a great opportunity for our business to grow and continue on the M Rosenberg & Son name. We have been a family business for over 60 years and I just wish my amazing grandparents (who rocked the fabric world) were here today to see how far we have come.

Watch out online fabric shoppers- my website is about to grow and expand very quickly. Once the move is complete and we are all settled in the warehouse, my mission is to create a special and unique online shopping experience. We have hundred of new fabrics passing in and out of our warehouse weekly and I will be snapping up as many fabrics as I can so the online shoppers can have a fantastic shopping experience. New fabrics will be uploaded to the website daily so keep an eye out!!

For all you creative souls out there my workshop space (which I am designing now) will be ready and waiting for you to come and get creative. I am sorting out lots of different types of workshops for all different types of people. There will be a workshop for everyone and a level for everyone, but most of all you will feel relaxed in an enjoyable environment with mind like people creating unique and inspiring garments and crafts.

Stumble across us, book in a group visit, come and have a nose and get involved. We are opening the doors to you, to come in, and visit what my family and I are all about. We have been brought up with a passion and love of quality dress fabric and we hope you enjoy our warehouse experience.

I will be in touch to let you all know how the builders are getting on and how our vision is planning out. In the mean time Stitch Fabrics of Wanstead is open weekdays 10.00am- 5.30pm Saturday 10.00am- 4.00pm.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like more information.

I would like to leave you with just a few pictures of this weeks warehouse events.

Love Jenni

0208 989 9970- info@stitchfabrics.co.uk- www.stitchfabrics.co.uk

Me, busy at work laying my first and last tile!!IMG_5278-2 IMG_4936 IMG_4932

Nice to see men in the kitchen… even if they are only measuring up!


Lights, Lights and more Lights to choose from!FullSizeRender-269 FullSizeRender-270Hello new shelving!!! FullSizeRender-268


FAB 17 is a 1930s art deco warehouse in South Woodford where our entire collection of fabrics is waiting for you to discover. The warehouse has been around for a number of years and is our main work space in which we prepare fabrics for all our road shows and big events.
The warehouse has become my Dad’s second home with different types of fabrics passing through every day as deliveries are a constant flow of excitment in the warehouse. Our vision is to open up the warehouse to the every day dressmaker & crafter, sewing schools, fashion designers, the 1metre purchase to the 20 metre sewing fanatic. To inspire a new generation of sewers and to bring the lost dressmaker back to the sewing room. There will be more workshops, more fabrics and more space than ever before. M Rosenberg & Son is finally opening its doors to our whole world. This has been over 60 years in the making and I hope you will love what my family has created for you. We want our warehouse to be your warehouse and to remain an active work space full of colour, design, pattern, texture and quality fabric.

We have a vision and now the process has begun.
We are getting creative ourselves as the warehouse needs to be looking tip top for our new shopping and creative area. There are parking facilities and we will only be a 5minute walk from South Woodford Station. There will be other transport and parking facilities available once we have found our feet.

I am proud to say we are re- locating to a much bigger premises just around the corner from where we are based now in South Woodford, Ravon Road. Fingers crossed this will take place at the end of August. I will keep you all in the loop of what, when where & how.

If you have any questions please do get in touch with me.

0208 989 9970

Hayes Village Hall, Bromley – 22nd July
Trumpington Village Hall Cambridge – 20th July

Road Shows

This months fabric sales will be bigger than ever before as there will be no fabric sales in August. You will find brand new linens, cottons, jerseys, lace, polyester, denim, lawn, lycra and possibly the odd winter fabric sample. Textile Garden will be with us in Trumpington on the 20th July with their gorgeous range of unusual haberdashery. Do not miss out this month as new fabrics are coming and going very fast.