About Us

A small family run business with a big passion for quality dress fabrics.

Welcome to M Rosenberg & Son where over 70 years’ of experience has been passed down from generation to generation.  Our journey began in 1948 where Maurice and Freda travelled to various markets across London selling quality fabric. Maurice & Freda were the most charismatic couple and passed on their love, passion, knowledge and experience to us all. It was their love for dress fabrics which drove them to succeed in the world of colour, texture and design and with the feel of fabric in his blood Maurice and Freda’s son Geoff quickly caught the bug and fell in love with the trade. He took our little market stall and created it into the thriving business is today.

Our first permanent residence opened in 2011 located in Wanstead, East London not far from where Geoff first met his wife and the next generation of the Stitch Family began. The Stitch Fabric Shop was known as a little treasure cave that blossomed for four years until we decided to go bigger. And bigger we went! We opened the doors of the warehouse for you all to see our entire range of quality, creative and designer fabrics. Prepare to be inspired! We have been dressing Men & Women for over 70 years and there truly is a fabric for everyone.