Red Boiled Wool

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Red Boiled Wool is a bright, bold red. See the photos for an example of how it can be paired with something for a unique co-ordinated outfit – in this case Winter Rae Jersey. Thinking of what will work together to create that special outfit unique to you is one of the most fun parts of buying fabric!  Coats & Jackets are ideal in this material, while skirts and pinafore dresses also come out beautifully. 100% Pure Wool and 56” wide.

Be aware that the shade is a bold red, and that due to screen resolutions may not look the same in real life as it looks through a screen. It’s a great colour.

The beauty of boiled wool is that any garment you choose to make can be left unlined and with a raw edge, and there is no need to hem your garment or put facings on them as boiled wool will never fray. Boiled wool is a medium weight wool that will keep you extremely warm in the winter. This is a very popular cloth and very easy and quick to sew. Our range of boiled wool is composed of a variety of colours and shades. Try Maker’s Atelier Big Easy Top or The Avid Seamstress for the perfect coat patterns for this fabric. Enjoy!


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